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This is a copy of my launcher.set file.
It is to just give you an idea of how The Launcher saves
the settings it needs to run.
When you run The Launcher setup mode, a launcher.set file will be created for you.

########## Launcher settings file... created on 12/10/2006 9:31:23 AM

# This is the configuration file for The Launcher by Ken Rager 2006

# The Launcher can be used to launch your favorite program, then shutdown the PC

# when the program finishes.

# This program was created to use with home arcade machines, but can be used in

# other applications.

# To comment on this program, or for advanced help, email


# You can set up the way The Launcher looks and performs here.


# Each line in this file beginning with # will be ignored.


# The next line allows you to run The Launcher in the setup mode.

# Although you can set up The Launcher by editing this file, it is recommended you

# set this command to yes to use The Launcher to set up these parameters.

# If you set this command to yes, the setup routine will run when you start The Launcher.

# This command will change back to no afterwards.

Run Setup = yes


# Next line tells The Launcher the program to start, including complete path.

Program =C:\Documents and Settings\Ken\Desktop\bbjuke.exe


# Next line decides shutdown method. 0= Dont shutdown 1= Shutdown 2= Powerdown.

# Default is 0 (Dont Shutdown.)

Shutdown method =2


# Next line states number of seconds to cancel shutdown. Min=5 Max= 25 Default is 10.

Seconds to cancel =15


# Next line decides which key to press to cancel the shutdown.

# This is an ascii value, which is recognized by VB6.

# -1 is LEFT MOUSE CLICK. 27 is ESCAPE Key. 13 is ENTER Key. Default is 27(ESCAPE Key ).

Key to cancel =13


# Next line chooses Countdown box X position on the shutdown screen. Default is 0.

Countdown box X position = 6225

# Next line chooses countdown box Y position on the shutdown screen. Default is 0.

Countdown box Y position = 9705

# Next line chooses countdown box font. Default is Arial.

Countdown box font =Comic Sans MS

# Next line decides if count down box is in italics. Choices are True or False. Default is False.

Countdown box italic = True

# Next line chooses countdown box font size.

Countdown box fontsize =26.25

# Next line chooses countdown box font bold. Choices are True or False. Default is False.

Countdown box bold font =True

# Next line is the color of the number displayed in the countdown box.

# Colors are numbers form 0 to 255. Black is 0, Red is 255. Default is 0 (Black)

Countdown box color = 255


# Next line states the skin to use, including complete path.

Skin =C:\the_launcher\skins\thanksForPlaying_1025x768.bmp


# You can create a skin using MSPaint. You may try other paint programs,

# just make sure you save it as a bmp file.

# If you have problems running The Launcher, consult a file called launcher.txt.

# Most errors or problems encounterd by The Launcher will be stored in launcher.txt.

# Also consult the readme.txt file, or run setup mode and check the Help files.

Copyright 2006 by Ken Rager